Saturday, June 26, 2010

nice to meet you.

full name: ...secret. elke is my middle name though.
birthday: 12 March
live: Australia
big dream: more followers? jokes, i wanna be famous.
occupation: student (year 9)//blogger
what's next: 2 months in Europe at the years end!

personal style: a bit grunge//minimalistic//preppy
shoes: topshop Anooshka crochet boots! i will love them forever + a pair of black ankle lace ups

jewellery: chunky chunky bangles and crystally-gemstone things.
hair: natural blonde with full fringe, no layers, thick, goes to the middle of my back, i'm growing it (:
fashion tip: having a limited amount to spend only means more creativity.
beauty secret: zero makeup.
obsessed with: those orange popular penguin books, i have like 30 atm

favourite city: Luebeck, Germany, where i was born
favourite music: atm i am listening to the Beach Fossils, The XX and Marina and the Diamonds
favourite food: all kinds of fruit
favourite drink: milk!
favourite book: The Great Gatsby.

personal motto: something is only cool if you know you will think it is cool in 2 years time, therefore... TIMELESS = COOL
style icon: Elisa Sednaoui

first thing in the morning: wash my face. 
last thing before bed: Read a book.

hope that tells you a little more about who i am (:



  1. You sound very cool! Love those boots too, wish there was a topshop here. I wholly agree with the fashion mantra about creativity, true fashionistas are the ones who can't afford Margiela but still look great. Lovely blog, look foward to following x

  2. Those shoes are kind of amazing. Thanks for the visit, btw!

  3. whaaaat! Holland isn't even on this map! MYGOD what a shame hahaha. You should go to Holland on your tour to Europe. Amsterdam is amazing ;-)

    PS: Love the boots.

  4. those boots rock!
    teehee even luxembourg is mentioned on that map, but holland, no.
    you sound a lot wiser than i was at 14!

  5. i will make and effort to visit Amsterdam, probably take a train there :)

    thank you, i do aspire to be relatively wise,
    but mostly i just sound overly cynical about everything, my mum says i grew up to fast haha.

    thanks for commenting guys!