Monday, June 28, 2010

what i wore.

 this is a little illustration what i wore yesterday (28 June) when i went shopping with my good friend.
i know the writing's kind of hard to read, my scanner is broken so i had to take a picture of the page in my trusty moleskine notebook,
and in the background, yes those are my cheap ikea bedsheets.
what do you guys think, should i keep posting drawings?
i wanted to take actual photos of my outfits, but i think drawing is more fun.

any feedback//constructive criticism is greatly appreciated :)



  1. how clever, drawing what you wore. do you always do that?
    the drawing is well-rendered; i can really tell what you had on, without even reading the accompanying descriptions. nicely done!

  2. i've just started doing it, i'm working on today's outfit right now (:

    thanks very much!

  3. aw, you are to cute! keep drawing and outfit posts. mix it up some, I know those are some of my favorite posts that I like to read :)

    and im jelly cause I can't draw at all

  4. totally cute!! great drawing! xx- karrie

  5. hello hun :)
    thanks for stopping by my blog,
    this is such a cute idea, so much cuter than taking a picture, plus you are very talented.

  6. nice sketch!