Sunday, July 18, 2010


okay, so this photo made me laugh.

who else watches the Hills?

i'm more of a City fan myself, but the Hills is just so funny, particularly Heidi.
but Spencer pisses me off. 

anywayyyy, here's a little collection of images i have been liking for a while.

enjoy (:

and i got these shoes today from GENERAL PANTS

cute, and i can wear them as part of my school uniform.



  1. this post totally speaks to me..!! i came across that first pic a little earlier today and also had a laugh. I WANT IT..!! i'm a recovering hills-aholic and in lovvve with the city. (kelly cutrone is my god haha)

    so glad you came across my blog and you like. i'm loving yours lady..!

    x x x x liv

  2. spiedi, what a pair. i always did think that heidi was so much better looking when she was natural

    marvelous pictures!

  3. Speidi and Kelly Cutrone make my life (:
    thanks for commenting guysss!

  4. Hi Elke! Thanks for your super sweet comment :) I'm still trying to find my way to health but I'm glad to hear my blog is helping to inspire.

    I literally just started watching The City over the weekend. I'm obsessed! I am already halfway through season 1. I can't believe it took me so long to get onto it!!

  5. I totally agree with the Hills comment. The City is heaps better, I never thought Whitney could make it but she's SO much better off on her own show. And agreed with the comment reg. Spencer, he is a douche!! So frustrating.. Have you seen him lately it's repulsive how he looks now. ha ha

  6. Two thumbs up for your blog!!!!