Monday, August 30, 2010

hard at work.

you know what is hard work?

i started one on sunday night, just to see what all the fuss was about.

its under the same name as my blog, i'm not really doing anything different, tumblr is just the stuff that I don't post because it's just totally random, but guess what?
you don't have to make things make sense on tumblr!

heck, the whole thing doesn't make sense.

i'm still confused about how everything works, like followers, how come you randomly get so many compared to blogger?

don't worry, i promise not to be a generic tumblog user and reblog everything that appears on my screen, in fact, i am going to try and bring only new images to my tumblr.
and i like blogger more anyways.

so i don't look like a loser.




  1. I don't use tumblr, but I will take a look :)

  2. i totally agree - so many tumblr blogs are absolutely amazing, but everything is soooo confusing! love these photos and the ones on your tumblr too♥

  3. thats awesome you have a tumblr blog but dont leave us here on blogger!!!


  4. Please don't leave us here on blogger because I m not a big fan of tumblr !!!! in fact I hate it :/

  5. I love tumblr - its great for when you find lovely little things that don't really constitute a post and you can use it like an inspiration scrap book :) I agree with Mash though - don't get addicted becasue I love your blog too much haha x

  6. i love the photos that you post on your blog--they are so great for inspiration :)