Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am excited mainly for two things.

1. New russh. my good friend Jayne received it in the mail and let me read it on the bus and I nearly died on every page. 
I think it's quite good.
I will buy it tomorrow.

 2. In Sixty-three days I will be looking out a plane window on my way to a school exchange in Germany, and then will be going on a family holiday, around Ireland, London, and HOPEFULLY sweden.
oh man I want to visit scandinavia soooo bad.

I will be posting pictures of my room soon! exciting much.



  1. wow, have fun on school exchange! i just got my new copy of RUSSH today but the one with Devon Aoki on the cover, it's rather lovely ♥

  2. germany is so effing wonderful, i was there 2 years ago also on a school exchange; i love german
    very jealous!
    em x

  3. europe school exchange would be amazing lucky girlie, and yesss i would also kill to visit sweeden! + my newsagent better get russh in soon, and i will hve to try very hard not to buy two copies for both of those hot covers hahh ;)

  4. thanks for the comments!
    wow have fun in germany, amazing oppourtunity!
    will you still be blogging?
    i got the new russh today, in love already.
    i'm following, xxxxxxxx

  5. +++ yesss photos of your room does sound exciting, i love seeing inside peoples wardrobes/rooms/bags/etc!