Wednesday, October 6, 2010


normally I never talk much about fashion weeks, but this time I thought I would put in a bit of effort.
Anyway, this is what I saw and liked colourwise.

Firstly, it looks like print's not dead, with citrus graphics reminiscent of your grandmothers oilcloth table cloth appearing at Stella McCartney, at Rochas the textile had a vintage + Scandinavian feel and at Cacharel and Akris it was tropical, floral and abstract with some sweeeeet contrasting colours.

I also had a soft spot for the sweet-as-sugar pastels, nearly always in suit form. The palest pinks were sent down the runway at Stella McCartney and The Row by the Olsen Twins, as well as a more saturated pink at Cacharel.  I especially loved the dip-dyed coats and Dries Van Noten, like those two-toned iceblocks I used to be able to buy from the school canteen as a primary school kid.

 White and minimalism went hand in hand pretty much everywhere. Sharp white dresses at Akris, more flowing types at Chlo√© and perfectly paired looks at Celine, Dries Van Noten and Issey Miyake.

That being said, black also made it's appearance, mostly in sheer or tailored forms. I particularly liked Chloe's zips and studded belts, the innovative cuts at Hussein Chayalan, the pairing of a maxi skirt and a structured jacket at Hakaan and flowing sheer numbers at Rochas.


 what were your favourites?




  1. a wonderful work...just amazing

  2. these are some of my favorites as well! dries van noten, stella, chloe, cacharel and celine were all truly lovely. a great balance between minimalism and the use of print, dont you think?


  3. this time stella did a nice job, whether the silhouettes or the shoes..... especially the shoes, i find them way better than before.
    and to compare with others' shoes from this season, they're still outstanding.
    well, to me.

    Hakaan, interesting;)

  4. fucking awesome post. thanks for the overview I have been too busy to check them out individually. I cannot believe Cacharel! go the digi print, I love it <3

  5. white, white, white, white, white, white, white, i like. + sometimes i use reef tan oil, they have it in most chemists and supermarkets for about 10 bucks. but i find it's only good if you're alredy a bit tan x

  6. ohh love prints and minimalist styles!
    Come Follow xoxo

  7. i'm gonna marry fuckings stella !