Thursday, November 18, 2010

daily inspiration 19/11/10

sorry to go nerdy on you but...
harry potter part 1 was amazing! 
finally they made an effort to keep to the book. 

i think i'll see it again.

who else has seen it?



  1. I haven't but I'm wtaching The Order of the Phoenix and the Half-Blood Prince now with my brother and I'll see it next week. The people my age -15- basically grew up with Harry Potter and when seeing The Order of the Phoenix back with my little brother I remembered how amazing Harry Potter actually is ^.^ ♥-Axelle

  2. I'm obsessed with HP! I watched it yesterday and OMG I still can't get back from that magical place!

  3. no but can't wait to, everyone seems to be loving it
    how sad will it be when the last movie comes out? :( x

  4. thank you girlie you're amazing, I couldn't agree more! also more thanks for the Wintour quote, I hadn't come cross it before :) ahhhh nooooo I haven't got around to seeing HP yet, seriously can't wait though. everyone's saying it's pretty amazing x

  5. harry.potter.was.amazing.full.stop.
    i'll definitely be seeing it again soon! :)