Tuesday, December 7, 2010


hello everyone!
today I am leaving to go on a school exchange to Germany for a month
and then I am having a holiday in Europe for another month.
basically I am going to be away for eight weeks.
I will try at every opportunity to update you guys on the overseas happenings,
if i don't, it's okay, i'm keeping a journal with sketches and postcards and stuff which i will scan when I get home.
or email me your address (go to my write page underneath the bloglovin widget) and i will send you an actual postcard!

I hope you all have a lovely christmas and new year, 
thank you all for a wonderful year on make//believe.

now i am going to have my last shower for 2 days due to horrid travel arrangements. I'll be on buses, trains and planes for like 48 hours. 

love you all.


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  1. have fun, dear! you are so lucky :) the new issue of russh with eniko is perfect, russh never, ever disappoints! ♥