Friday, September 3, 2010


OHHHH how i love russh.

you see, i used to read Frankie, in like year 7 and i thought i was all cool, and its a very nice magazine, but then i started wanting to read about something else.
and i started reading Oyster for a little bit, and i liked it,
but then
then i found Russh. 
its the perfect balance between fashion and art and culture and all things beautiful. i want to rip out everypage and stick it on my wall, but that would ruin the magazine.

and so when i saw the tee shirt from CHIP CHOP, i wanted it soooo bad! (first image)
has anyone seen one//know where i can get one//want one also?

oh and btw,

dont' forget my blogs facebook page! its on a tab at the top of my page, like me! its been getting a little lonely (:



  1. Hi. Sorry to say, but I haven`t seen it.

    Anyway. I do read your blog everyday, and I guess you are my kinda russh. haha.

    Feel free to stop by sometime.
    And also. I do have a little givaway on my blog these days. I would love for you to enter.

    xx T

  2. russh <3 stevie dance <3
    ohh & ieva laguna is stunning as usual

  3. where is this mag from?? I'm obsessed as well... need to subscribe asap...


  4. hells yeah Russh is the shit baby!!!
    found the Crussh tee on the ship chop site,
    buuuuttt not actually for sale :'(
    if you do find it let us know too yeah?

  5. Wow, I didn't know Russh, but I think I would like it!

  6. you should check it out! very cool (: