Thursday, September 2, 2010


today, the 2nd of September is my very very good friend's birthday, Jayne.
we started our first blog ( together, and she is seriously the coolest person  i know.
She has a new blog, freshly squeezed. please everyone follow her, that would be a super birthday present and you won't regret it, did i mention she is the coolest person i know?

if you do, you are all super followers as this means a lot to us (:

the first image is a collage//card i made her, all clippings from various issues of russh

dear birthday girl jayne.
i like walking up gabriel drive with you, and pointedly not looking at weird people on the bus with you, and watching Rachel Zoe with you and going on about the City with you, and laughing in commerce class with you, playing badminton with you (and Alexandra and Rose and of course, Walter), pretending to be bogan with you, sitting in the newsagent reading vogues with you, eating, breathing and living blogging with you, hating Jay-Jays and tumblrs solely based around pictures of chicks getting drunk with you, and having fun with you.
i hope i can keep doing stuff with you.
love ya.



  1. happy birthday to her too
    this is a lovely post!
    em x

  2. lovely post :) it's always great to have such close girlfriends around. & that second last picture is hilarious! :P

  3. That picture of the girl is so cute!!