Saturday, November 6, 2010

not to pretend, to observe.


I really like religious influence. I really do. I like domed cathedrals and stained glass; reds and golds in paintings of Mary and Jesus; I like Rosaries. 
But I won't pretend I'm actually religious or like that I would ever wear a crucifix, esp. not a cheap-as-shit one from Diva. 
But I like what it looks like, where religion is prevalent in art, architecture, whatever. That's me being superficial, unfortunately.

Sorry to get all heavy on you after neglecting this blog for a while. 
Maybe you noticed I've been fiddling around with the layout?
I need some tips on how to set make//believe out,
got any?



  1. totally agree- i'm an atheist but find religious history etc fascinating
    these pics are great, much like the new layout :)
    em x

  2. I find many architectural elements in religious structures amazing & i sometimes find myself wishing I could get married in a church (not really an option for a non believer ;))

  3. Galliano is the Michelangelo of today.
    Love this post.